Pucker Up Craftisan Studios Kim RIppere

The theme over at Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge this week is Fruits and Veggies! I love ATCs because they are little mixed media projects. Join us! J...

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Pucker Up!

Starfish Drawing Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

I am amazed every time I try to sketch and it works out!  Seriously, though.. After finishing the background this will become a card.  I will be pos...

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Starfish {Drawing}

Poppy Drawing Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

You might not believe this…but, I cannot draw!  Seriously. I just decided to try.  So, I found this video for drawing poppies and copied what ...

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Poppy {Drawing}

Double Bow Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

~This is my second project as part of the Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge~ The theme this week is Put a Bow on It! Join us! Join our Facebook group! I&...

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Double Bow

Happy Mail Canvas Corp Brands Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

Wow!  I received quite a few goodies from Canvas Corp Brands recently.  Some I had chosen others were just things they sent me to play around with....

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Happy Mail!

Watercolor Cherry Blossoms Unity Stamp Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite flowers.  In the southern United States, they are one of the first flowering trees.  They are so gorgeous! Ma...

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Watercolor Cherry Blossoms

Prince: Remembrance Bllobel Stamps Craftisan Studios Kim Rippere

Purple Rain came out in 1984 and I graduated high school in 1983.  I think I might have seen the movie once…but, I know the album by heart and ...

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Prince: Remembrance